*PRE-SALE* Mythic Legions Tactics: War of the Aetherblade Set of 4 Deluxe Legion Builder Action Figures


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Once, there was an age so far distant that only its stories remain.  These are the stories of Mythoss, a peaceful kingdom populated by great beasts who walked side-by-side with women and men in a harmonious land, brimming with joy and prosperiety.  But these stories also tell of vast and terrible evil armies sent to destroy the kingdoms of Mythoss and all who called them home.  These stories immortailzed the names of Leodysseus, Bassylia, Xylona, and Eathyron; the brave beasts who stood up and fought the dark forces threatening their beloved land of Mythoss.  Their bravery saved Mythoss; but sadly, after their stories ended, their land would remain forever stained by a darkness that will never be forgotten.

Now a new story is being written, as memories of the ancient ages have faded over time, so have those of the great beasts that once walked the earth. In their wake, four massive legions, each dedicated to the memory of one of the brave defenders of yesteryear, have assembled.  Over the centuries, these legions have relegated evil to living in the darkest corners, far away from the noble kingdoms fo Mythoss.

But now an uneasiness stirs and casts a dark shadow over the land, fueled by whispers of the return of the ancient evils; Poxxus, Illythea, Arethyr, and Necronominus.  The evil masses have mobilized their own armies dedicated to ushering in their dark masters' return.

The stage is now set for the greatest story of all, as good and evil clash in an epic battle to determine the destiny of Mythoss--the story of Mythic Legions.

Product Features

  • 6 inch (15.24cm) scale
  • Most figures have 30 points of articulation
  • Part of the Mythic Legions Tactics: War of the Aetherblade Private Crowdfunding Campaign
  • Comes with exclusive bonus heads for each figure

Product includes:

  • Female Orc action figure
    • 5 Heads
      • Repainted Jjuno head
      • Orc half-helmet head
      • repaint Barbarian female head
      • Iron Knight helmet
      • Exclusive bonus head
    • Orc sword
    • Crossbow
    • Quiver
    • Arrow
    • Bone-handled sword
    • Dwarf mace
    • Flail
    • Skull-topped axe (no skull)
    • Wooden shield
    • Warhammer
    • 2 Sets of pauldrons
    • 2 Faulds armor
    • 2 Loin pieces
    • 2 Sets of feet and ankles
    • 2 Torsos
    • 2 Sets of arms
  • Male Orc action figure
    • 5 Heads
      • Unhelmeted orc head
      • Helmeted orc head
      • Bearded orc head
      • Bearded orc head with warpaint
      • Exclusive bonus head
    • Ball and chain
    • Bone knife
    • Bone-handled knife
    • Buster sword
    • Dwarf hammer
    • Dark spear
    • Long sword
    • Turtle shell shield
    • 2 Sets of pauldron armor
    • 2 Faulds armor pieces
    • 2 Loin pieces
    • Neck armor
    • 2 Torsos
  • Male Elf action figure
    • 5 Heads
      • Hooded elf head (yellow hood)
      • Normal elf head (brown hair)
      • Open face elf helmet (Whisperling)
      • Full helmet elf
      • Exclusive bonus head
    • Long bow
    • Quiver
    • Arrow,
    • Sword
    • Knight sword and sheath
    • Mace head with banner stand handle
    • Large elven sword, elf axe
    • Knight shield
    • 2 Sets of pauldrons
    • Faulds
    • 2 Loin pieces
    • 2 Torsos
  • Female Elf action figure
    • 5 Heads
      • Hooded female head
      • Normal female elf head (brown hair)
      • Bucket helmet 2.0
      • Elf full helmet
      • Exclusive bonus head
    • Elf shield
    • Short bow
    • Quiver
    • Arrow
    • Zweihänder sword
    • Elf short sword
    • Kopesh
    • Elf twin bladed sword
    • 2 Sets of pauldrons,
    • 2 Faulds armor
    • 2 Loin pieces
    • 2 Torsos


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