*PRE-SALE* Marvel Legends Retro Collection Fantastic Four Dr. Doom Action Figure

$24.99 $21.99

"Doom's greatest power is his matchless mind, which makes his might whatever he chooses it to be! This is the first lesson. The second... is more painful."

This collectible 6-inch-scale Dr. Doom figure was inspired by the Fantastic Four comics and includes 10 Dr. Doom-inspired accessories, including the Ultimate Nullifier weapon! This latest entry in the Marvel Retro Collection also features packaging inspired by vintage 90's Toy Biz Fantastic 4 packaging!

Product Features

  • 6 inch (15.24cm) scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Retro design and packaging
  • Multiple points of articulation
  • Classic-inspired details
  • Accessories included

Box Contents

  • Dr. Doom action figure
  • 4 Alternate hands
  • 2 Effect parts
  • 2 Books (including the Darkhold!)
  • Pistol
  • Ultimate Nullifier weapon


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