*PRE-SALE* Extreme Sets Headquarters 1/12 Scale Display Pack


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This Extreme Sets Display Pack is a must have for anyone who showcases their action figures. Modeled to look like the interior of a Decepticon base, this set can be used for any characters whose lair is meant to evoke sinister purpose! This is your chance to completely change the look and feel of your display unit by giving it life with these incredibly highly detailed Pop-Ups. This product does not only complete your display showcase, it can also be used for action figure photography, and animation.

Take your action figure collection on new adventures, and have them plot their next move with the Headquarters Display Pack. This beautifully designed display pack is the perfect set up among all four of your display cabinets four slots. With a high tech design mixed in with a beautiful color scheme, each of the four display panels are highly detailed and fit into a four display cabinet slot with ease. The foldout ground panels add to the overall aesthetic on your cabinet. Each panel is 14.5 tall and 15 inches wide, perfect for your IKEA Detolf display, and comes with two 3D control stations for interaction options on your shelf.

  • Product Features

    • 14.5 inches (36.83cm) tall
    • For 1/12 scale figures
    • Made of cardboard
    • Highly detailed
    • Create the ultimate headquarters display

Product includes:

  • 4 Wall panels (15" W x 14.5" H)
  • 2 3D Control stations

  • 3 Ground panels


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